5 Common Myths About Child Safety Around Pets

While pets and children often become the best of friends, miscommunication can result in bites and scratches. Remember that we speak a different language than our canine and feline companions, and what we may think is acceptable actually may be unpleasant behavior for pets. Learn how to keep your child safe around pets as our [...]

Safeguard Your Pet Against Heartworm Disease

You ensure your pet receives the best veterinary care possible, so they can live a long, happy, and pain-free life. One strategy to help accomplish this goal is to protect your pet from contracting a preventable disease. Heartworm disease is one of the most devastating—and preventable—conditions pets face. Despite safe, proven, and easy-to-administer preventives, the [...]

Mental Health: Veterinary Professional Edition

Although every job has its share of stressors that take a toll on mental health and wellbeing, the veterinary industry is faced with a great deal of challenges. From euthanizing beloved companions, to working long hours while short-staffed, veterinary professionals tackle multiple hurdles in their everyday work lives that can carry over into their personal [...]

True or False: Pet Dental Health Edition

Many pet owners know little about the importance of their pet’s dental health. Yet, dental health is an integral part of your pet’s general health, and knowing how to take good care of your pet’s teeth will improve their overall health. In honor of National Pet Dental Health Month—and with the desire to spread awareness [...]

Hidden Pain: Arthritis in Cats

Your feline friend is skilled at many things—waking you up at 3 a.m. for more food, finding the most comfortable spot on your lap, and leveling you with a hard stare when you stop scratching under their chin. However, your cat is also exceedingly talented at hiding signs of illness and pain. Arthritis is one [...]

Overweight Dogs and Skinny Cats: Thyroid Disease in Pets

The thyroid is a segmented endocrine gland that sits over the trachea in the neck and produces hormones that regulate many important body functions. Thyroid diseases and subsequent dysfunction are common in both dogs and cats, but each species exhibits different signs and symptoms. Dogs commonly develop hypothyroidism (i.e., low functioning thyroid), while cats develop [...]

Assessing Your Senior Pet’s Quality of Life

Before you know it, your squirming puppy or snuggly kitten is looking back at you with milky eyes and a grey muzzle. Their once bouncy gait is suddenly tottering, and their good behavior a bit lapsed, but their tail still wags, and their purr still rumbles when you whisper in their ear. Pets are hard-wired [...]

Tiny Pinch, Big Protection: Your Pet’s Vaccines

Vaccines are a normal part of responsible pet ownership for Driftwood Animal Hospital clients—but do you know the diseases your pet’s “shots” protect them against? This information can help you understand the veterinarian’s recommendations and make informed decisions about your pet’s health.  To each their own—customized pet vaccine protocols No two pets are alike—including those [...]

Feline Confidential—How Your Cat Really Feels

Hey, it’s me—your cat. We need to talk. Although I appreciate the safety and security of living only indoors, I’m rather unfulfilled. And, while I know you might think that’s laughable—after all, I’m only a cat—you should know two things: Feline stress can lead to chronic health and behavior problems, including urinary disorders, anxiety, and [...]

Pet Safety Do’s and Don’ts For Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is here, and you should ensure your preparedness plan includes your pet, so you can keep them safe if disaster strikes. Prepare for your pet’s safety now, so you will be ready to act quickly when a hurricane is on the horizon. Follow our Driftwood Animal Hospital team’s do’s and don’ts to ensure [...]

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