Getting to the Root of the Problem: Understanding Pet Dental Health

Your furry pals require lots of attention, care, toys, walks, and veterinary visits throughout their life to ensure they remain healthy and by your side for as long as possible. Pets are experts at wrapping their owners around their paws, especially when asking for more treats. However, unless you are having a smoochfest with your [...]

7 Clues Your Pet May Need a Weight Management Program

Close to 60% of dogs and cats in the U.S. are overweight, according to a 2018 survey by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. Is your pet one of them? Surprisingly, many pet owners are shocked to learn that their pets need to lose weight. Since obesity is associated with other health concerns, keeping your [...]

5 Key Facts About Heartworm Disease Every Pet Owner Needs to Know

While we enjoy our warm temperatures year-round here in Daytona Beach, so do insects—particularly mosquitoes—and these bloodsucking pests are notorious for transmitting a host of diseases. You need to know about heartworm disease  to help keep your pet safe from this deadly condition. Here are five key facts about heartworm disease every pet owner should [...]

An Ounce of Purrvention for your Pet

Often with the comfort of a furry family member in your home, you can easily get into a daily life routine and forget that they require maintenance to keep their bodies functioning smoothly and healthily. Many U.S. dogs and cats have not seen a veterinarian in the past year for check-ups and preventive health care. [...]

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