A Pancreatitis Primer for Pet Owners

Dietary indiscretions and obesity increase your pet’s risk for pancreatitis, a condition all pet owners should know about, since this disease can cause your pet extreme pain, and have fatal consequences. Our team at Driftwood Animal Hospital wants to provide information about this concerning issue, to help decrease the threat to your pet. Pancreatitis in [...]

5 Halloween Safety Tips for Your Pet

It’s almost that time of year when pet owners pull out the treat bag and Fido’s pumpkin costume, get the camera ready, and begin the enthusiastic “look at me” dance—all to get that perfect #HappyHowl-o-ween shot. Costume or not, Halloween can be scary—and dangerous—for pets. Driftwood Animal Hospital has five tips to keep your pets [...]

8 Tips to Prepare Your Pet for Back to School

The school buses will soon be making the rounds to pick up enthusiastic students heading back to school. As the school year starts, you have likely been busy ensuring your child has all they need to return to the classroom, but is your pet prepared? Our team at Driftwood Animal Hospital would like to offer [...]

Heat Safety Advisory for Pet Owners

On average, Florida experiences at least 25 dangerous heat days a year when the temperature reaches 103 degrees or higher. Numerous pets die every year after being left in unattended vehicles, and public safety announcements warning against leaving pets in parked cars are common during the summer months. While you should never leave your pet [...]

5 Ways to Ensure You are Pet-Prepared for Hurricane Season

Floridians dread the start of the Atlantic hurricane season every year on June 1st, and often have the Weather Channel permanently playing on their television until the end of the season in November. Although tropical storms and hurricanes are a common occurrence in South Florida, you must ensure you and your pet are prepared should [...]

5 Reasons You’ve Avoided Taking Your Cat To The Vet

The simple jingle of keys, and happy-go-lucky dogs race to the door, ready for a trip to Driftwood Animal Hospital. Reluctant dogs also will eventually comply, or be coerced with a tasty treat or a flash of their tennis ball. Where does that leave the cat? The cat who saunters by as their owner readies [...]

Indoor Enrichment For Your Cat

Feral and free-roaming cats cover a large area during their usual day, and may see numerous terrains and wildlife. They hunt for food, explore nooks and crannies, and interact with other cats and animals. In contrast, an indoor cat’s life is decidedly less exciting. They are supplied food at a particular time, they have already [...]

Kids and Pets: How to Ensure a Successful Relationship

Kids and pets should go together like peanut butter and jelly, but a successful relationship does not always magically develop. Kids can be boisterous and rough, and some pets may be afraid of their over-eager attempts to play. But, with your help, a beautiful friendship can bloom. Our Driftwood Animal Hospital team loves to see [...]

Fact or Fiction? Learn the Truth About Your Pet’s Nutrition

When searching for the best food for your furry pal, you’re likely overwhelmed with all the conflicting opinions posing as facts, steering you in different directions. How is a pet owner to choose? Before purchasing a pet food, separate the facts from fiction, and unearth the truth about cat and dog nutrition. To help you [...]

Getting to the Root of the Problem: Understanding Pet Dental Health

Your furry pals require lots of attention, care, toys, walks, and veterinary visits throughout their life to ensure they remain healthy and by your side for as long as possible. Pets are experts at wrapping their owners around their paws, especially when asking for more treats. However, unless you are having a smoochfest with your [...]

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